Reflective Blog Entry 3: Collaborating with Fans

The lecture “Collaborating with Fans” stuck out to me because it allows an alternative to working for a studio or company and lets you work directly with the consumers of the product you are trying to make. This provides more independence and ensures the consumers get what they want. Once the task of building a substantial following is complete, they can be utilised to fund current and future work. This can be done through crowdfunding, a method for fans to contribute financially to a creator to support them in a project or their career and, in turn, receive agreed upon benefits. Websites such as Kickstarter and Patreon and examples of crowdfunding platforms. An example of successful crowdfunding was the Kickstarter game “Planetary Annihilation” developed by Uber Entertainment. It had a strong promotional video and a fun and unique twist on the classic sci-fi game genre which contributed to its success. The company tried to use the same method for their next project, “Human Resources”, another promising sci-fi game but fell short considerably of their target and the game was never made. This example highlights the limits of crowdfunding and while, if you can build a large backing, there are few complications, the potential of not meeting the target leaves the project abandoned.

Link to promotional video of Planetary Annihilation

Link to article based on Human Resources


Planetary Annihilation – A Next Generation RTS. (2012). Kickstarter. Retrieved 18 August 2017, from

Haywald, J. (2014). Amazing-Looking RTS Project Human Resources Canceled by Developers. GameSpot. Retrieved 18 August 2017, from


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