Post-Mortem Blog Post – Comatose Goldfish

Final Product Embedded

Links to all deliverables

Click HERE to view deliverables.

My Contributions to the Project

I modelled & unwrapped assets: three Barrels (one with a tap, two without), a crate, a chest.

To begin, I scoured the web and found some pleasing reference images to base my models from.

Crate refs.JPG

Then, I made a rough first pass at modelling the assets, sometimes a second pass.

To finish, I made the final models and UV unwrapped them to be textured.

Researched and implemented vertex painting for blood splatters/pools.Blood Material


I feel because I was limited in the variety and quantity of tasks assigned to me, my contribution to the project was also limited (crucial but limited). This lack of involvement resulted in me being isolated from important events for the team as a whole and mostly being concerned with the immediate issues of the tasks I was working on at the time. Team members were poor with the communication aspect of the project and rarely kept the rest of the team updated with their progress and expectations of other team members. For example, some members, were working quite solo, and would upload their finished assets without any communication to the team throughout their work, or even after they had finished. On the other spectrum, if a team member (sometimes myself), would not attend class, they did not adequately question what it was they needed to be doing, and in turn, were not up to date with the teams progress. Towards the end, the biggest issue with the lack of communicate was there were times when tasks could not be completed efficiently because multiple people required the master-file. However, a schedule was established, in order for everyone to make arrangements to be available to work on the master-file on their given days. This played a huge role in the success of the completion of the assessment in the closing weeks.

I feel like my team as a whole were appreciative of my contributions. Initially, when I was absent at the start, they were fed up with me, understandably. However, as the semester progressed and I began to contribute more, they were very supportive. There was times when I would submit things a few days late, and they expressed to me their concerns, and the importance of dead lines, and together we were able to establish better expectations of one another, so that this didn’t happen again, and everyone felt like they were on the same page.

I feel as though I was not given a long list of tasks to contribute to the group assignment. I understand that this was because I was absent in the first planning week. However, while the list was not long, I still felt as though my tasks were time consuming, and involved extensive research and skill building on my part. A large majority of the time spent on the modelling section of this assessment was used getting myself acquainted with the programme and its functions. While modelling itself did take some time, there were many many hours behind the scenes that took place, including tutorials and meetings with my lecturers that were essential for a successful outcome.

It was overwhelming to start, when I realised that there was large portions of the work that I did not yet feel adequate to complete. It was crucial for me to master these areas before I could begin my work, and while that made me feel extremely anxious, I pushed through, and felt that my hard work paid off.

Plans & Pitches

How effective was the plan as a support tool and guide?

I was absent during the planning process. We did not refer back to the plan as a team since it’s creation. It was not formatted in a visually pleasing chart but a dull to-do style list. I believe that the plan was a failure as a support tool/guide. The team Trello board was used much more and was more visually pleasing and easy to modify than the plan. Although my contribution did look minimal when displayed like that even when many hours of work had been put towards the tasks.

How much the plan was followed? Why it was not followed?

The initial plan was followed, to some extent, that we had assigned roles and tasks and those tasks had to be completed by a certain time. The plan was, however, not referred back to directly and some of the tasks took longer than expected and in some cases I did not spend enough time on them to have them completed when they were expected to be.

How effective were your team’s pitches and presentations?

I was absent for most of the pitches and presentations. When I was attending, I lingered in the back of the group trying to vanish into the shadows or morph into the wall. Even in progress updates with the lecturers, I dreaded my turn to share progress because my input seemed so insignificant.



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