Cross Discipline Post Mortem

Objective: Engage in interdisciplinary practises while developing and sustaining teamwork skills. For the first task, I chose to participate in creating a gaming user interface, sound tracks and sound effects for a games student’s assignment. The second task I completed was creating an emoji for an app developer creating an app of mythical creature emjois.


Game Plan:

I met with Bailey, who is the games student and we discussed the plan for the game. He told me about his vision, and the roles he wanted me to play in the process. His game is being designed to be used on smart phones. This was an important piece of information and will determine a lot of the choices we make throughout the design process.

It is a shooting game, where you are viewing the galaxy and the spaceship that you control and use to shoot targets.

My assignments were to create a user interface, and be responsible for the backing track and sound effects. Baily gave me guildelines to follow so that I could stay on theme with his game. He wanted an industrial and sci-fi style user interface. He asked for the following:

  • Health Bar
  • Energy Bar
  • Shield Bar
  • Thumb control toggles
  • Fire buttons
    • With 3 levels on intensity
  • Loading button
  • Decorative features
  • New game and redo game icons

I found a few references on styles I wanted to recreate, see below:

I confirmed with Bailey that the ideas I had were appropriate with the style of game he was hoping to achieve. He agreed. So I was able to begin designing.

The design process was very enjoyable, and with each section I completed I communicated my progress to Bailey and asked for any feedback. He was continuously happy with the work I was producing, so I was able to keep going without many changes.

I sourced a backing track online and Baily and I both agreed it was appropriate with the theme of the task and worked well.

For the sound effects, I found a website that allowed you to create sounds that you could then download. This part was fun, and made me excited for when the game was finished. These were the sites I visited and the references I used.

Final Deliverable:

User Interface:

Shooter UI Display from Leif

The Grey circles at the bottom left are the thumb controls. The fires are the three different shooting options. The three coloured bars are representative of the shield, health and energy levels, and will be over the top of the grid above them. As the respective bars deplete, you will see the red bar underneath them, filling the bars remaining. These will all be scaled down and placed over the grey panel in the top left of the screen. The bottom right corner is the three parts to the loading display image. The grey will go under the blocked out circle, and the green section will rotate around the circle while it is loading. 


Shooter UI Display Buttons (Play & Replay) from Leif

The first icon is the play icon, the second is the redo icon


In game screenshoot.png

Backing Track:

Sounds Effects:


Reflection: The communication between Bailey and I was excellent. We are great friends so It was easy for us to clearly explain our expectations throughout the whole process. I believe I was able to achieve the outcome he had contracted me for, to a high standard.


Game Plan: Zac is another gaming student I know. He is creating a smart phone app of mythical creature emojis. My participation in this assignment was to create a dragon emoji. I met with Zac and he described the style to me, and I believe I got a clear understanding of the scope.

I drew a few concept sketches. See below:

Drago Concepts 1Drago Concepts 2

I then came up with a design and showed it to Zac. See below:

Dragon_Emoji WIP1Dragon_Emoji WIP2

Zac said that this wasn’t the style he was after, and wanted something a bit more cute and playful.

I redesigned the dragon and showed Zac the basic version before I took it any further, to make sure I was on the right track. See below:



Final Deliverable: 

Zac asked for the images in different resolutions to make the image more versatile for his app.

Dragon_Emoji (28x28)Dragon_Emoji (56x56)Dragon_Emoji (112x112)Dragon_Emoji Final HD



It was hard to be told that he didn’t like my original concept because it was what I had imagine the dragon to look like from our original meeting. But I was able to understand that it was his vision, and I was able to recreate a new dragon that I was really happy with, and enjoyed making, that Zac was happy with. It was an interesting process because this is not a style of drawing that I do very often, but I am really happy with the final product, and my ability to work well with Zac throughout the process.



I think that the two projects I worked on with gaming students was a total success. Both times we all worked really well together to stay on task, on theme and produce quality work with each other. I was happy with the planning meetings, the assignments I was given, the input they gave to me, and the final products.









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