Specialisation Post Mortem

The specialisation I chose to do was about 2D character animation, specifically facial animation. This included designing a character and deciding on what actions they should perform in order to reflect a personality. I went for a young female character with tan skin, wavy brown hair and large blue eyes. The personality I tried to construct was friendly, flirty and cheeky.

My Performance

my behaviour: I didn’t start early enough. I underestimated the difficulty of the task and it took me a long time to decide on a project to work on which negatively impacted on the outcome. The scope of the project outweighed the time I had allocated to it.

my process: I used Adobe Animate to draw a woman’s face on a front view and then again on the profile, then adding some frames for in-betweening. I used multiple layers to create the animation, some layers for outlines, and some for colour. By working in this way I was able to manipulate the frames easier. I decided to add a couple of blink frames and an open mouth toothy smile to give her more personality and life. I later arranged the animation to begin from the side view and turn to face the front and finish with turning away again.

the outcome: I was able to complete a short 3 second animation that can be looped. I was not entirely pleased with the amount of work produced and the full potential of the project had not been realised. Also the animation could be smoother with more in-betweens. However, I believe the skills acquired by creating this helped me understand the principles of animation and the process of key-framing and in-betweening, as well as developing my character design skills. My main aim for this project was to expand on my drawing and illustration skills to create an artwork that is animated and has life. In this endeavour I believe I was successful but I still have a lot of learning to do before my ambitions become realised.



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