Boot-camp Blog Post

I created an interactive environment as a response to the brief. The environment included optimised, modular assets like a wall piece, a floor piece, a ceiling piece, an interactive door and door frame, and an interactive boulder. The interactive door would open when you get close to it and the boulder would fall and smash on the player. the brief stated that the environment needed to include a modular design and workflow as well as interactive elements.

I developed and refined a previsualisation in the real-time engine, Unreal Engine.

The real-time engine allowed me to construct a scene using the imported modular pieces and easily create interactions and export a fly-through video.

I created repeatable instances of assets, specifically floor, wall and ceiling pieces, and procedural materials sourced from, to quickly and efficiently populate and make changes to my real time environment.

I explored a variety of methods to produce visual effects, through the door opening trigger animation and the rock fall trigger animation.

I constructed triggers for events, animations and interactions to augment the intended audience experience of an interactive narrative environment, specifically the door opening trigger animation and the rock fall trigger animation.

I demonstrated camera and lighting techniques in computer-based software, through creating an animated camera with the fly-through animation and including lights in my scene.

I produced outputs that successfully met the brief set by the facilitators.




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